D&T Issue 9

AI overview, Fb+CBSE, Design APIs and some heavy stuff on abstract thinking

Hi there! This week we have been busy building open standards and practices for designers, including most of the important tricks and knowledge bites that we have accumulated at Canvs over the years! We want to share our knowledge publicly because a lot of this knowledge came to us while practising Design as a Service and discovering nuances of platforms through the years. I will keep you updated!

I have been following Sir Roger Penrose’s work this week, got some great material, some heavy reading online. Check out this interview he did with Eric Weinstein on The Portal. Might find it interesting.

Meanwhile here’s the promised weekly brain fodder.

A light read along the lines of what is what. If you ever wondered what the difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning is, you’ll find an answer here. What you’ll also find is a brief history of AI.

Did you know that for a while apps have been snooping into what you copy and paste? Seems odd, till you spend a moment into thinking what that means. Your clipboard has some of the heaviest intent-driven content aside of the usual gibberish. Links, Private msgs, images, emails and Passwords! In the recent iOS release, Apple made sure users got to know what app was looking into your clipboard. Of course, TikTok was, but so was Linkedin.

Much like in everyday life, humour holds a key role in defining product experiences. It alleviates tension, ads value and can overall bring a sense of delight to the product which is invaluable in the customer experience

Cautious behaviour, yet overspending on groceries. High traffic on e-groceries, buying behaviour reflecting the lack of cooking skills and all such Linkedin worthy stuff that we have been building our skills on this lockdown. There has been an obvious surge in local buying and selling because of a trust deficit in supply chains.

We have spent some long hourse thinking around this concept internally. I am sure you must have thought of this some time in your life while being a part of Design as a function as well! What is a Design API? It probably is what it sounds like, a pipeline to serve formalised tokens. Easier said than done. Also, here is the primer document for it.

Facebook, which reaches more users than any other international firm in India, has identified a new area of opportunity to further spread its tentacles in the world’s second-largest internet market. Fb has tied up with CBSE to launch a certified curriculum on digital safety and online well-being and augmented reality for students and educators in the country. Sounds fun.

You know, given this is a lot of what we do at Canvs, seems odd we are posting external links but this one is fairly solid. However, some of the units within this also has socio-cultural connotations. Running a successful Remote Design sprint amidst a raging pandemic is an experience that has also a lot to do with the mental and physical health of the involved parties

Another reason why Onboarding experience is so important Another find amidst the recent push for indigenous app usage was Elyments-India’s contender to Facebook, but was marred by a series of glitches right through the onboarding experience.

I think you must have seen Jio’s move in Jiomeet and Jiochat. (no? have a look) I am gonna leave judgements out of this. There have been quite a few, all great points.

Legendary design firm pentagram has redone the brand identity for highly popular navigation product Waze. You can see Pentagram’s full story here. Here’s Pentagram’s partner Natasha Jen who led the project.

There was a longish conversation on Hacker News about a week ago where many users chimed in. The link shows The question asked how could one improve their abilities to think with mathematical logic, with proofs, ground up reasoning and elegant usage of rules. There are quite a few ways like reading heavy stuff like Music theory, Automata Theory, Art History and some light exercises like walking in the park alone or cooking etc. Here is the original thread.

Heavy stuff this week I guess. I’ll see you next week!

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