D&T Issue 20

Netfix’s The Social Dilemma, Stock Traders on VR, Microsoft’s bets and Healthcare Design

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I hope you have been safe last week. Btw, we are super happy that some of our stuff we have been writing got curated on publications like UX Collective and The Startup Special thanks to our content teammate, Paridhi!

Meanwhile here is some stuff to read this week!

Adding to last weeks piece on the great war on our attention spans, except this time it’s from the eyes of director of the show “The Social Dilemma”. Interestingly enough, the director, Jeff Orlowski is actually a Stanford alum, so this is clearly intel coming in from as “inner” as inner workings get.
If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a watch!

Designer journalist Kate Shokurova of the UX collective speaks about designing delightful healthcare apps.

Huge play for Hololens as banks are finding the pandemic rules very difficult to work with. They (UBS) are now figuring out ways of allowing traders to recreate the experience of packed trading floors.

Usual methods of inducing fusion require the generation of very high temperatures which continue to be a logistical and feasibility issue. Lattice confinement fusion is a type of fusion that takes place in the narrow channels between atoms, resulting in a Goldilocks effect where the atoms are neither supercooled nor superheated, but they reach fusion-level energy. The energy required to induce fusion is significantly lower when atoms are packed densely within the atomic lattice of another element. Scientists will need to find a way to increase the rate of atomic reactions manyfold before lattice confinement fusion is practical.

Figma’s Designer/Developer conference happened this week and there were a bunch of announcements around perfecting designer developer collaboration via Figma. These included features like mirroring code components in design, auto layout, drag and drop interactive components etc.

Battery day happened yesterday and Elon musk had a bunch of stuff to say among plans like a $25,000 car, removing cobalt from batteries, cathode plant and more. Here’s a list of the major announcements.

Microsoft (a billior dollar investment into Open AI) will exclusively license GPT-3 from OpenAI. GPT-3 can unlock a lot of commercial and creative potential, with the possibilities only limited by the ideas and scenarios that can be imagined. The details of the licensing agreement are still unclear, but OpenAI will continue to offer GPT-3 and its other models via its Azure-hosted API.

As the gaming world mentions this is a deal that is changing the fabric of the market. Microsoft acquiring Bethesda(Zenimax Media) means it’s setting up all of Bethesda’s game line up in the Xbox game pass.

While FB has cleared that this is not an AR project and doesn’t have integrated displays of any kind, this is still a Project Aria product which is officially Fb’s wearable AR setup.

That’s all for this week. See you next week!

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