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D&T Issue 29

Chess + Design, Going Back in Time & Music as an Asset Class

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Before we kick things off, have you heard of Roblox? It’s the game that’s taking children aged 13+ by storm (and their parents alike). The game’s growing to become quite the thorn in the side for mammoths like Minecraft.

Alrighty, let’s get into it!

Scientists at Tel Aviv University (Israel) have come up with a possible way to reverse the ageing process in humans for the first time. The scientists found that giving pure oxygen to older people inside a hyperbaric chamber increased telomere length by 20 per cent after just three months of treatment. Previous studies have already shown cognitive benefits using the therapy.

Speaking of scientists in Israel, here’s another groundbreaking creation that was recently developed – the world’s first 3D printed heart.

You must be well aware of the well-deserved uproar against Ed-Tech startup White Hat Jr and the man Pradeep Ponia behind most of it. However here are some good reads around this topic.
Who’s on the right side of the equation here, anyway?
An objective take on the flawed ethics of the issue.

From our own Canvs Editorial (Via Want to motivate your users into completing a task? Or motivate someone to work harder towards a goal? Give them a head start.

Can computers eventually take on the Hawkins’ and Einsteins’ of the world in devising a theory of everything? Maybe not in the immediate future, but the resounding answer among the scientific community is yes, according to Max Tegmark (a legendary prof at MIT,) anyone who believes otherwise is committing “carbon chauvinism.”

Betül Kaçar, director of the NASA Astrobiology Consortium expounds on the prerequisites for developing life, how it could and equally well couldn’t be created all over the universe and the moral implications of being the only sentient beings in the universe.

Daniel De Wit writes on how companies should not look at design systems as a one time project but a dedicated long term effort that grows as your company develops further in the digital realm.

Merck Mercuriadis, (fantastic alliteration btw,) a prolific figure in the music management industry owns an astounding list of world chart-toppers through his fund, Hypgnosis Songs Fund Ltd. There’s even a Spotify playlist to get an idea of the scale he’s working at.

Bitcoin surpassed $19,000 for the first time since 2017 as the mania over digital currencies continues to grip Wall Street.

Whether you’re a designer or not, being privy to more intricate details in design is never a bad thing.

Hand and brain chess is a way for two people to play chess collaboratively, a game that is almost perfectly designed for solitude. Matthew Ström talks about how to take this format of strategy and apply it to the design feedback process. All this to make feedback rounds simultaneously more fulfilling and productive.

Covering a vast number of subjects like civic systems, cognitive representation and Phenomenology, this list is a gift that keeps giving.

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