D&T Issue 31

The state of UX in 2021, Opening the Pandora’s box of OTT and Who is Andrew Mason?

Hey, hope you’ve been having a pleasant week thus far. Before we get into it, here’s a link to livestream the SpaceX SN8 high altitude test

We’ve got some great reads for you this week, so lets jump right in.

15-year-old scientist and innovator Gitanjali Rao, who became Time’s first-ever ‘Kid of the Year’. A groundbreaking innovator and scientist, she was driven by her keen understanding of the plight with regards to water shortage in India.

One of us stumbled upon the Medium article above. Trailing the chain of write-ups, we found some incredible stories behind what a phenomenon Groupon was, the role its founder Andrew Mason played in it and how it came to being where it is today. Read about the whirlwind of a journey, the billionaire mastermind behind Groupon, and the german brothers who post their firm’s acquisition by Groupon apparently played “Mason like a violin”. Aside from the link above, here’s another solid read on Groupon and it’s creators.

After 4+ decades, Wozniak (Apple co-founder) has set up a new venture (called Efforce) dealing in making cryptocurrency and blockchain more accessible for companies in order to fund ‘green’ projects.

Chinese scientists have claimed to have achieved ‘quantum supremacy’, building a quantum computer (which they call Jiuzhang) capable of carrying our certain calculations 100 trillion times faster than exisiting supercomputers.

In a big move for OTT streaming, Warner Bros aims to release their entire 2021 slate simultaneously in theatres and their sister streaming platform, HBO Max. This could be the proverbial genie out the bottle that effects all large studio (and small alike) worldwide. Christopher Nolan hates HBO Max, however.

The average person will spend 90,000 hours (one third of their waking time) working. Kylie Poppen, Design Lead at Google, stresses on periodically returning to your interests and variables to evaluate your slope, thereby to have a better view of your career objectives and purpose.

The Chang’e 5 mission touched down on the moon on 01-Dec and immediately began gathering samples of rock and dust to send back to Earth. Now that’s nice and all but watch this mesmerising video of the craft landing on the moon.

Long standing legend in architecture, Bjarke Ingels, has some insane monuments he’s propped up around the world. HE also has made a monumentally cool website to feature his legacy, check it out.

From our own Canvs Editorial, ‘the graphic designer who gave Macintosh a smile’ otherwise known as Susan Kare is best known for her icons and fonts that made the original Macintosh revolutionary. Read more about her and her fascinating life in our piece.

We’re not one to enjoy people expounding on long listicles, but this article hits the spot. Fabricio Texeira writes about some do’s and don’ts designers (and the people surrounding them) for the coming year.

SpaceX may attempt the next test flight of its super-heavy launch vehicle Starship prototype rocket as early as Wednesday, CEO Elon Musk shared on Twitter. The flight will be the company’s most ambitious test of Starship yet (estimated chances of success being 1/3 apparently), as SpaceX is aiming to reach about 15km altitude followed by a stable landing around the launch site with Starship prototype Serial Number 8, or SN8.

And that’s the lot. Thanks for checking out what we had to share with you this week. Catch up with you next Wednesday!

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