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Tesla registers in India, Buddhism + Tech and Algorithmic Layouts

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Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far. We thought that as the world decides to move to alternative chat platforms, it might be best to show you how to migrate all your Whatsapp content to Signal.

All the while,Elon Musk says‘use Signal,’and confused investors sent the wrong stock up 438% on Monday

We’ve got some good reads for you so let’s jump right in.

From our own Canvs Editorial Team: 5 research papers which help provide guidelines to build more intuitive platforms.

This year, the technologies that we will most likely hear the most about won’t be fancy devices like smartphones or big-screen television sets. It will be the stuff we don’t usually see: workhorse software and internet products that help reduce physical contact.

Invision, at one point was the central tool used amongst product designers, managers and developers alike. However, things seem to have gone awry for them in recent years, read this article to learn why.

With web design being as practiced a skill as it is in today’s day, it seems only fitting that technology catchup with the innate skillset of the finest people working in the field in order to help them do their work better. Enter, algorithms and their ability to define layouts for pages across screen sizes without any human intervention.

There are problems with Apple’s Big Sur, but they do get some crucial elements right. This article goes into some detail on the latter.

How much have design tools changed since the dawn of Xerox technologies in the 80s? This piece by Eden Vidal goes through this timeline in close detail.

In 1995, a WIRED cofounder challenged a Luddite-loving doomsayer to a prescient wager on tech and civilization’s fate. Now their judge weighs in.

The American carmaker has incorporated a fully owned subsidiary ahead of setting up an R&D unit and a manufacturing plant for its electric vehicles in India. While you’re at it, check out this riveting interview of him taken by business insider discussing his plans of being buried on mars.

Dr. Michael Burry of Scion Asset Management LLC had predicted the housing crisis way ahead of its time while many frenzy investors were still busy buying and selling. Turns out the man who predicted the housing market just made some big bets, particularly on 4 specific companies.

The ban is a seismic shift after four years of nearly nonstop tweets from the president, who in 2015 laid claim to the title “the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters.

The explosive growth of artificial intelligence has fostered hope that it will help us solve many of the world’s most challenging problems. However, there’s also much concern about the power of AI, and growing agreement that its use should shouldn’t get in the way of our fundamental rights.

What’s the Difference Between Variable and Parametric Fonts and how are they the future of typography? Learn it now, because these shapeshifting fonts are only getting better, and more common.

Long before anyone knew of Coronavirus, a small band of scientists uncovered key that unlocked life-saving immunizations.

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