D&T Issue 37

Humility in AI, One-Minute Cities and India Paving the Fintech Future

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Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far. As the world collectively contemplates chat services, Hike Messenger seems to have completely given that up.

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A comprehensive read on the spectacle of tech and business that the India Stack is, where it started, and how it came to be what it is.

Why users prefer basic design over shiny fluff.

From our own Canvs Editorial Team: 3 principles of inclusive design and why it matters.

Sweden is testing designs to help activate individual blocks, in what it calls โ€œ1-minute cityโ€ designs.

While Big Tech comes to South Asia for the elusive โ€œnext billionโ€ users, the fintech founder says his latest app caters to the 1%.

An artificial intelligence scholar urges technologists to observe how a culture of transparency, openness, and respect will lead to breakthroughs that help society.

When Amazon Web Services decided to stop hosting Parler, the alt-right social network last week following the insurrection at the Capitol, it looked like the site was doomed to go offline.

Google trained a trillion-parameter AI language model, and it seems to be giving GPT 3 (model trained at 175 billion parameters) a run for its money.

On 15 January 2001, two American entrepreneurs – Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger – launched an online encyclopedia. It was called Wikipedia. Despite much criticism early on about inaccuracies, it has gone on to be supremely successful.

Realizing how many conservative men were on the app with photos of themselves at the failed coup attempt on January 6, some women have taken it upon themselves to match with them and send their information to the FBI.

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