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The Evolution of Design, Design Patterns You Cannot Use, Loan Shark Apps in India and Twitter’s Artistic Redesign

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As you step up your pace into the middle of the workweek, Jeff Bezos seems to be stepping down from his duties as CEO at Amazon. AWS CEO Andy Jassy takes his place. Historic departure.

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From our Canvs Editorial Team: How design trends have evolved over the past two and a half decades alongside the changing average user.

Did you know some of the most famous products have patented their UX? So next time you think about ripping off that idea for a carousel or menu, think twice.

Elon Musk was interviewed by a group of famous people from SV like Marc Andressen, Sriram Krishnan etc. He ended up calling in Vlad Tenev of Robinhood to ask him the hard questions. The TC article here has a semi-live blog of the conversation.

Police in six European countries, as well as Canada and the United States, completed a joint operation to take control of Internet servers used to run and control a malware network known as “Emotet

While tech leaders publicly committed to diversity in 2020, the generally implemented top-down approach seems to be stunting true progress.

This extremely well-researched piece describes the various iconic watches that inspired their digital equivalents in the Apple Watch.

The police found in their investigations that the three companies were offering small loan amounts through different apps on Google Play Store and collecting repayments by way of severe harassment and blackmailing.

Fittingly, being a company which exists in the middle of pretty much every global social, economic, political, industrial etc disruption, Twitter is redesigning its brand from an artistic standpoint. An art-first approach to a brand identity that encompasses emotion and expression.

Jared Isaacman, of Shift4Payments, will command a commercial space flight with โ€œastronautsโ€ trained by SpaceX.

The Chinese authorities’ antitrust action against the e-commerce giant appears arbitrary considering the same business practices being applied elsewhere in the market.

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