D&T Issue 41

AI Reading Your Mind, Nuclear Design Blunders and Digital Synesthesia

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No incumbent is too big to topple. Adobe was big once, ubiquitous as recent as 2012 in the world of digital design. Looks like Figma is giving is a run for its money. And for good reason.

Our thoughts are private โ€“ or at least they were. New breakthroughs in neuroscience and artificial intelligence are changing that assumption.

Read into this indepth research about how motivations and language are the two agents to getting a person to (digitally) share something.

If you have often wondered where designers get the smart-sounding concepts like typography, vertical rhythm, content architecture etc, you’d be best to refer to truths laid out like it is in this article. The writer, Anna Stumpf talks about Design Systems well beyond their established understanding of being a component library.

On March 28, 1979, the United States came within thirty minutes of unthinkable doom, after a near-meltdown of Reactor Two at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Middletown, PA.

What is Product Design? Find here a collection of links that talk about the discipline, its basics, inspirations in the trade and why business cares about it today.

Interaction design is more than just user flows and clicks, it also involves weighing out the heuristic costs involved with each step added or removed from your product flows.

Can you hear sound when youโ€™re looking at colours? Googleโ€™s Play a Kandinsky lets you in a phenomenon which is called synesthesia, inspired by abstract painter Vassily Kandinsky.

According to Ellipticโ€™s analysis, the founder of one of the most popular carding marketplaces, Jokerโ€™s Stash, has retired having amassed a fortune of over $1 billion.

Created by Vanguard Industries with a successful Kickstarter campaign, Moflin is an AI pet robot with “emotional capabilities”, and it looks like a fluffy guinea pig.

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