D&T Issue 45

The man who got FB addicted, a must read for non designers and AI to improve UX

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Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far. Did you know that after almost 2 decades, tech maverick Ekioh is attempting to design and build a new internet browser. Named ‘Flow’, this browser is being built with one thing in mind, speed.

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Note: For any articles behind the paywall, open them on an incognito/private window and you should be good to go.

From our very own Canvs Editorial: 5 ways to establish a visual hierarchy to get users to look at what you want them to look at.

For as overused as the concept is, AI can actually improve the experience of using digital products. If we want to understand how to do it, we need to go back to UX and interaction design fundamentals and go from there.

Cognition is complex, and many factors play into gut reactions or an instant impression. When you ask someone, “Why’d you do that?” there’s a high chance they won’t be able to answer or that you’ll misinterpret their response. Enter neuroscience.

The company’s AI algorithms gave it an insatiable habit for lies and hate speech. Now the man who built them can’t fix the problem.

Misinformation has always flourished during public-health crises, but during the pandemic, it’s been given a big boost by social media.

Although most founders believe that their app will see a ‘hockey stick’ growth trajectory, it very rarely happens. Even rarer whilst competing with some of the largest, most influential tech companies in the world; Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

How the shape of deep learning and consequently the fate of the tech industry went up for sale at a resort near Sunny Lake Tahoe.

A hacked customer list shows that facial recognition company Verkada is deployed in tens of thousands of schools, bars, stores, jails, and other businesses around the country.

This well designed interactive map provides in-depth details of facial recognition tech implemented nationwide along with further details on the same from state to state.

Tinder parent Match Group plans to roll out a feature in partnership with nonprofit Garbo to help people run background checks later this year, although details are still to be determined.

The bill, one of the world’s strictest policies against cryptocurrencies, would criminalise possession, issuance, mining, trading and transferring crypto-assets, said the official, who has direct knowledge of the plan.

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