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Moore’s Law for Everything, The Japanese Writing System and B Corporations

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Considering we’ve been pushing all this talk of NFTs to you over the past month, we thought you might be interested in checking out Coindesk’s guide on how to enter the world of NFTs.

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Note: For any articles behind the paywall, open them on an incognito/private window and you should be good to go.

After 28 years of research and development, Boston Dynamics entered the commercial robot market last year with the launch of Spot. This is a ~$75,000 robotic dog that can march around facilities for remote inspections and, with an extra arm attachment, can even open doors and do remote manipulation.

Sellers receive cold, hard electronic dollars, while buyers can cash in crypto coins stored in their PayPal wallets for goods and services.

Vancouver-based Dapper Labs, the blockchain company behind the NBA’s collectibles marketplace Top Shot, just closed a major round of funding toward its goal: NFTs for all.

As Facebook confronts outrage among its employees and the public for mishandling multiple decisions about its role in shaping public discourse, it is becoming clear that it cannot solve its conundrums without a major change in its business model.
Learn more about ‘B Corporations’ here.

Immerse yourself in this PhD students journey through understanding the structure and symbology of the Japanese language and alphabet.

From the Wikipedia Design Team: How community involvement defined the multiple iterations that brought the ‘Talk’ page to where it is now.

A handful of new standards will personalize ads without the privacy violations of today.

This article discusses the need for designing a system that embraces this technological future and aims towards more equitable wealth distribution.

Three experts discuss the promise—and problems—of relying on algorithms for our mental health.

The company began piloting Care internally in September 2019, and it’s now announced opening it up to the public.

Forget ‘Titanic’. ‘Ever Given’ is the maritime blockbuster we need.

The scientists determine sequences of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines from vials set to be discarded.

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