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Clubhouse’s 70’s Prototype, Imperfectionist Creativity and Sir Martin Sorrell’s New Venture

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Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far. 2021 already seems to have some big wins coming in for Indian startups with Cred and Meesho hitting unicorn status.

We’ve got some good reads for you so let’s jump right in.

Note: For any articles behind the paywall, open them on an incognito/private window and you should be good to go.

From our very own Canvs Editorial: How something as simple as an app icon can speak volumes of the type of culture a platform has to offer.

A discussion of the theory of design trends with sample trends in Industrial Design, Interface Design, and User Experience.

A product designer of over a decade spends some time categorically and methodically explaining the various facets of the product designer’s life.

In the late 1970s, hackers forged a social media network using the dominant audio tech of the time — the telephone

One of the best-known figures in the global marketing industry talks about being digital-only, his plans for India and what kind of agencies S4 Capital is looking for.

The credit card provider that moves billions of dollars each day in 200 markets today announced it accepted the first settlement payment in U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC), a cryptocurrency pegged to U.S. dollar in a 1:1 ratio

With roots in the 17th century, traditional Japanese origami mines beauty from rules, limitations and, ultimately, mathematics. But there’s more to origami than just aesthetic value.

A conversation with NYT’s Kevin Roose on how robotic automation will impact our future.

Imperfections are usually something we try to hide, but there are some great examples where they have been turned into decisive strengths.

50% of Pakistanis are unbanked, but with more of the country coming online, it might be time for a digital payments overhaul.

LG becomes the first major player in the smartphone market to shut down due to heavy losses incurred. The company is talking about shifting its attention to other divisions such as EV.

And that’s the lot! Thanks for checking out what we had to share with you this week, we shall catch up with you next Wednesday.

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