D&T Issue 51

Covid Resources, GenZ Women as VCs and Doomscrolling

Hi there!
We hope you and your loved ones have been able to stay safe in these difficult times.

Considering the disarray from this past fortnight, we thought it appropriate to share some useful resources, along with links where you can help out through volunteering or donation. The Canvs team has been doing everything it can to help those who need it. We hope you find it in your heart to help, even if it’s just loosening the purse strings.

We’ve got some helpful reads along with some of our regular programming to follow, let’s get into it.

Note: For any articles behind the paywall, open them on an incognito/private window and you should be good to go.

Twitter India recently shared a set of new search filters that let users get to relevant COVID-leads quicker. Read more below.

Besides telemedicine startups, other players offering healthcare at home services have also come to the fore.

Several online tools have been created that allow people to filter online Covid-related resources to find what they require geography-wise.

April 23rd marks the International Day of the Book or World Book and Copyright Day, a yearly event organised by UNESCO to promote reading, global literacy and intellectual property protection for authors and poets. The Canvs team shares some of the reading they’ve been doing over the recent past.

While the pandemic has hit the services sector, particularly the hospitality segment, severely, consumer internet companies like Zomato witnessed an improvement in business after the initial lockdown last year.

The new entrants hope their arrival is a sign that the VC establishment is open to new perspectives on which ideas deserve funding.

Check out this calendar showcasing the hobby that saw the greatest growth in search queries, compared to one year prior, for each day of the pandemic’s first year.

Cycling through bad news on social media is doing our heads in. It’s also one of the few recourses open to us in a failing democracy.

Anjali Sud on building a profitable video business by moving from streaming to software.

As Spotify hits the later half of its teenage years, Variety mag looks into the massive changes the platform has brought to the music industry, warts and all.

Basecamp, the maker of email app Hey, is banning social and political discussions at the company, its CEO Jason Fried announced. In this post, Fried makes it clear that Basecamp is not a social impact company.

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