D&T Issue 54

D&T Issue 54

Google I/O 2021, Hackers for Vaccines and Biotech’s Hunt for Blood

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Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far. The Chinese space agency definitely seems to be having one, after their Zhurong rover successfully landed on Mars becoming the only other agency after NASA to have achieved the feat.

We’ve got some great reads for you so let’s jump right in.

Note: For any articles behind the paywall, open them on an incognito/private window and you should be good to go.

From Android 12, Wear OS updates, dev tools to the hyperrealistic Starline Project, a slew of hot announcements from virtual Google’s I/O 2021. It’s live right now, Check it here.

Good microcopy helps the user navigate their way through a digital experience, maximising meaning in a condensed manner, and with space at a premium, every word should count.

A quick and handy responsive website builder to spin around a quick webpage with dead simple drag and drop gif animation and assets. Give it a try!

A talk by Sir Jony Ive addressing the graduating class of 2021 at California College of the Arts that reflect on the significance of art and design in contemporary culture.

Discord wants you to imagine a place where friendship isn’t a request—it just sorta happens. Or a place to enjoy cookies without spilling your data.

At I/O 2021, Google’s annual developer conference, Google unveiled Material You, a radical new way to think about design. Material You aims to transform design for Android, for Google, and for the entire tech industry.

Coders in India are hacking vaccine websites to get appointments. As one digital activist notes, “Those who can navigate this information economy are doing it. We’re all trying to survive the system we’re in.”

A look at the origins of anti ageing studies, the variety of approaches being pursued by the companies involved, and where the anti-aging strategy could be headed as the field matures.

How would you feel about being able to pay to control multiple aspects of another person’s life? This app could be the solution.

South Korea’s space agency wants to refocus on long-term investments that “won’t pay off until 2050” and spin off near-term applications to the private sector.

Tired of tasks that ask you to click images of things like buses, crosswalks, bicycles or mountains to prove that you’re a human? Well good news, Cloudflare says its getting rid of them.

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