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Apple Design Awards, The Rule of Three and The Dangerous World of Language AI

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Hope you’re having a splendid week thus far. If things weren’t getting expensive enough, it turns out there’s an inevitable price hike that you will face with Ubers and other shared car services. Let’s hope your biking skills are on-point.

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Note: For any articles behind the paywall, open them on an incognito/private window and you should be good to go.

Hundreds of scientists around the world are working together to understand one of the most powerful emerging technologies before it’s too late.

Last week’s police raids on Twitter’s offices in Delhi mark a low point for the platform.

When magicians are forced to perform virtually, the nature of their relationship with the audience changes radically—and it’s a wonder it works at all.

Physics displays an uncanny alignment at its very deepest levels. Is a grand theory of everything finally within reach?

There are many ways to cut down the cost of research, but one of the most important is to focus on extracting as much value as possible from your existing research efforts.

It’s never good to look for easy answers in the world of psychology and design, but in the case of the number three, we may have an elegant exception in conversation design.

The Apple Design Awards honor excellence in innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievement in app and game design.

Google on Wednesday clarified that its Search engine is not classified to be part of the new IT intermediary guidelines 2021, urging the Delhi High Court to set aside an order that puts Google Search as part of the new IT rules.

Bias can creep into the design process when we aren’t diligent enough to identify and mitigate it upfront. A big part of avoiding this is by cultivating awareness of when and how they can be introduced into the design process and influence design decisions.

Cosmologists have unveiled a trove of fresh data, but the measurements do not settle earlier questions about the Universe’s unexpected smoothness.

This product works somewhat like your real mind would. One stream of consciousness. To find something, just search for it – a color, an object or a word that helps you remember what you are looking for.

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