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Google’s ultracheap future, billionaires in space and UPI in Bhutan

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Donald Trump once said, “Rich guys, they love rocket ships, and that’s good” And that seems to be ever prevalent the further in time we move in time with Sir Richard Branson flying to space (or the edge of it, rather.)

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Design has a tendency to touch every aspect of our lives, and this ubiquitous nature that design has, can get anyone thinking about where all this started, who initiated the first push? To answer this there are many names that one can cite, but today our focus is on one inimitable graphic designer from Durham, North Carolina.

From Los Angeles to London, designers are hoping to energise urban life with poster campaigns, digital work and in some cases a complete strategy overhaul.

Building inclusive apps and services is both good for business and the right thing to do — and Apple points the way.

Thanks to a strong retail response and a support from institutional investors, the Rs 9,375 crore Zomato IPO saled through on the first day of bidding.

Like other U.S. tech giants, Google is betting on a partnership with Indian telecom phenom Reliance Jio to unlock its single most important emerging market.

By siding with major food corporations over six Malian former child slaves who were seeking compensation under US tort laws, the US Supreme Court has sent a dangerous message. Apparently, US corporations will not be held to the same standards of decency and human rights abroad as they are at home.

The service will be formally launched by the finance minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman on July 13 at a virtual ceremony in presence of the finance minister of Bhutan, Lyonpo Namgay Tshering, governor of Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan, among others.

We studied how online disagreements unfold on YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp—and found design flaws in each platform.

Facebook’s VP of Product Design and Responsible Innovation on how they might design for social settings—which present dilemmas with complex trade-offs—not problems with tidy solutions.

Ms Bandla is the second woman born in India to go to space after Kalpana Chawla who died when the Columbia Space Shuttle crashed at re-entry in 2003.

Maxwell Chimedza says he doesn’t know how to use a computer, but his 32GB cellphone was all he needed to coach students in Zimbabwe.

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