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Time Crystals, Design Led Healthcare and a Gigantic Fintech Buyout

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A few months ago (in D&T Issue 36) we spoke to you about Tesla and their big factory in India. However, a spanner seems to have been thrown into the works as India rules out import duties cut on EV. Seems like Elon’s lost a little of his spark.

We’ve got some good reads for you so let’s jump right in.

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And why designers can do with flexing their content muscles a bit.

Scientists at AI research lab DeepMind claim to have taken the “first steps to train an agent capable of playing many different games without needing human interaction data,” according to a blog post about their new “open-ended learning” initiative.

Melanie Mitchell has worked on digital minds for decades. She says they’ll never truly be like ours until they can make analogies.

In a blockbuster deal that rocks the fintech world, Square announced today that it is acquiring Australian buy now, pay later giant Afterpay in a $29 billion all-stock deal.

An Indonesian mapping platform is turning social media chatter into life-saving information during natural disasters.

Modern medical products aren’t just feats of engineering, they’re design marvels that unburden healthcare providers, improve the patient experience, and save lives.

An indepth interview with Moriwasa, a well established design firm from Japan, now turned eternally relevant with their recent work for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the form a fantastically well developed font family.

Shooting glass beads across the inside of a satellite could probe the limits of quantum wave behaviour, this article explores how.

Andrés Velasco explains why privately issued cryptocurrencies may need to be regulated out of existence.

AlphaFold neural network produced a ‘totally transformative’ database of more than 350,000 structures from Homo sapiens and 20 model organisms.

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