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A $600 mn Heist, Twitter’s Nauseating Redesign & Bangalore’s First IT firm

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The world is getting more unreal by the day, countries fall to tyrannical forces as their people fall from the sky, space cowboys suing the ultimate institution in space. That aside, let’s try and get you your weekly escape of design and tech, shall we?

We’ve got some good (definitely more hopeful) reads for you so let’s jump right in.

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Sweating the small stuff is not generally a good measure with most things in life, however in design, it can help do no wrong, particularly when it comes to the subconcious mind.

Unveiled only last week, the redesign mainly involved high-contrast colours and a custom-designed font, Chirp. But many, especially with accessibility needs, found it confusing, hard to read and uncomfortably bright.

Change is something that is almost always met with resistance, this piece discusses change in the product world, and why it may be so tough towards shifts.

V.K. Harindran, the late co-founder of Processor Systems India, was one of the pioneering entrepreneurs who heralded the chips and bytes of technology into India.

Crypto platform ‘Poly Network” hit by $600 million heist, in response its founder asks hacker to become its chief security advisor. In a bizarre twist, the hacker has now returned most of the stolen money but is withholding more than $200 million of the funds until “everyone is ready.

By now, you may have seen a typical crypto giveaway on social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram from some of your favorite internet celebrities. It’s a fairly common marketing tactic among altcoins — give away some free coins to a lucky winner and bring some attention to the crypto they’re promoting.

Called the Exo-Abs, the robotic device uses artificial intelligence to gauge how much pressure to put on a person’s midsection.

Humans don’t fit neatly into boxes, period.

Why brands that have nothing to do with firearms use rifle imagery to appeal to their clientele.

Prior to the Afghan government’s collapse, the Afghan Dreamers reflect on their hopes and fears.

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