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A Designer-less Future, Living Forever & the Metaverse

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Design is a subject we discuss a lot in this newsletter and in our lives. With the rapidly changing state of affairs, it seems only fitting that the foundations for creating good designers in the workforce are adequate. Don Norman, legendary UX man has something to say about this.

We’ve got some good reads for you so let’s jump right in.

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Universal design is a broad term that considers age, gender, stature, culture, and more when designing. It is often confused with accessible design, which meets the specific needs of people with disabilities or neurodiverse people.

A comprehensive report on the latest payment trends, deep insights, industry metrics by the folks at PhonePe.

BillDesk began when India’s internet user base stood at about 50,000. It now facilitates all kinds of payments.

The Hurun report mentions the top 10 future unicorns of 2021, and they originate from a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, travel, beauty, and fintech, amongst others.

Cooking utensils “tell entire stories of material, craftsmanship, developments in the industry and also food systems”, the article looks into some interesting stories.

A critical look at how the rise of automation and agentive technology might affect the role of the designer over the coming years.

Alvy Ray Smith helped invent computer animation as we know it—then got royally shafted by Steve Jobs. Now he’s got a vision for where the pixel will take us next.

Harvard professor Willy Shih explains the existential problem affecting cars, phones, computers, and more.

Altos Labs is pursuing biological reprogramming technology, a way to rejuvenate cells in the lab that some scientists think could be extended to revitalize entire animal bodies, ultimately prolonging human life.

Companies are pouring money into 3D digital environments that can be explored via avatar. Here’s why they’re here to stay.

Julius Hui, who has done custom work for companies like Tencent, wants to radically rethink Chinese fonts.

With China increasingly using the technology to usher in a new form of authoritarianism, the world’s democracies must come together and stand up for their own values and strategic interests.

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