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Eye Scan Crypto, Gamified Gig Work and A New Era of Web Design

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Did you know Facebook is planning to rebrand with a whole new name for the social media platform being announced next week? Looks like they might be trying to revamp their image in the face of some horrendous PR.

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This year marks architect Frank Gehry’s 92nd birthday. What better excuse to take a look back on the seven-decade-long career of one of the boldest and the most influential American designers since Frank Lloyd Wright.

Worldcoin is perhaps one of the most audacious efforts to bribe the world to embrace their currency. That being said, it still requires scanning a billion people’s eyeballs with a five-pound chromatic sphere called “The Orb”.

Privacy advocate Edward Snowden, the man famous for leaking government documents, has a lot of issues with the concept. Snowden took to Twitter to tell his 5 million followers his issues with Worldcoin: the use of the human body for crypto.

Have you started farming yet? Or made a kitchen garden? Do I hear you say you’re thinking about it? Okay, good. That’s a start.

Google has shed light on a spate of attacks that turned creator channels into cryptocurrency scam livestreams.

Facebook has confronted whistleblowers, PR firestorms and Congressional inquiries in recent years. But now it faces a combination of all three at once.

One of the great myths of interface design is that all interfaces must be simple, and that everything should be immediately intuitive.

At one time, MVP was a smart move to develop a product, especially for small businesses considering lack of resources. However, MVP is not sufficient in a market that stresses on good design.

From Indonesia to India, platforms have harnessed game mechanics to drive participation and competitiveness of part-time workers. Leaderboards, customer ratings, level-up badges, and engagement rewards are now becoming a mainstay in the gig economy.

Just about every 10 years or so, there’s a fundamental shift in how we do things that are paramount to leapfrogging what we’ve done before… and we are about to leap in to the next phase once again.

Major companies in India are using Rephrase.ai to create avatars of celebrities and executives, and commercial use is coming soon.

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