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An algorithm that lost $500m and Tech in Mexico

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If you somehow think NFTs were still a niche talking point, then Kamal Hassan becoming an NFT in the ‘Metaverse’ might just change that view. We’ve said this once before and we’ll say it again, peculiar times in tech and culture.

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Man-made formulas can seldom capture the nuance of human emotion and so most algorithms are condemned to a life of uncertainty. Zillow’s capitulation is a cautionary tale for anybody who thinks they can tame the real estate market using data.

After early tests in select markets, Netflix announced today its debut lineup of exclusive mobile games will begin rolling out to all members globally on Android devices, starting this week.

YouTube is a gold mine of content and they recently did a few debatable experiments. A look at the psychology behind these changes and if they could have been done better.

The AI researcher, who left Google last year, says the incentives around AI research are all wrong.

Consider Jony Ive’s impact on design, and you undoubtedly picture modern Apple products: pared-back industrial forms, distilled to essential components. But Ive’s first public project since founding his own design collective, LoveFrom, is something totally unexpected.

Like most Apple products, it’s not one killer feature that makes it so good. Instead, the Apple Watch is a careful balance of design, technology, usability, personality, and history.

Payment processing companies decide who is empowered to buy and sell online—and their policies show a gross misunderstanding of metaphysical practitioners.

Despite the title, this article seems to have some comedically insightfully thoughts that might give you a chuckle no matter where you are on the planet. You might even learn a thing or two!

The promise of neurotechnology to make lives better is growing. But do we need a new set of rights to protect the integrity of our minds?

“Very little of what I have read about the papers comes as a surprise.”

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