DT 86

D&T Issue 86

Trapping Carbon, Capturing Lightning and the Year that was 2021

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From all of us here at Canvs, wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year 2022. As we reach the year end issue of D&T Weekly, I’m thankful for you sticking around with us these past 86 weeks.

On the note of things coming to an end, the supposedly “stablecoin” Tether might not be that stable after all and could end up being a systemic risk to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Personality has a significant effect on our decision-making process, and thus, it can be a powerful tool to use in design. Canvs Editorial discusses how different design areas consider personality.

On a barren lava plateau in Iceland, a new facility is sucking in air and stashing the carbon dioxide in rock. The next step: Build 10,000 more.

Scientists have never been able to adequately explain where lightning comes from. Now the first detailed observations of its emergence inside a cloud have exposed how electric fields grow strong enough to let bolts fly.

A look at the most popular domains this year according to data from Cloudflare Radar and those domains’ changes in popularity ranking.

Some of the year’s most controversial NTFs, coins, and crypto scams.

Studying the first stars and galaxies is not the only scientific programme JWST will perform. It is conceived as a general-purpose observatory on which astronomers from around the world can apply for time to support their research.

Major disruptions in world history follow a clear pattern. What can upheavals of the past tell us about our own future?

Minimalism, Claymorphism, Brutalism and a look into the future of NFT, VR and Metaverse

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