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D&T Issue 88

Design’s AI Era and The OG Zuck(erman)’s Metaverse

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Did you know another Zuck(erman) made a metaverse nearly three decades ago and absolutely despised it. A possible lesson for all those hyper excited about this ever-so-hyped augmented future.

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Design is good for business as long as the business knows how to take on the task. Business needs to understand that design is not just graphics and visual design.

Finding green energy when the winds are calm and the skies are cloudy has been a challenge. Storing it in giant concrete blocks could be the answer.

Crypto miners are organizing to keep the cheapest electricity in the Americas flowing to Paraguay.

A first hand look at the experience of making the first delivery on Uber Eats.

India has 73 potential unicorns in 2021, up from 52 soonicorns in 2020, with Bengaluru leading the list followed by Mumbai and Delhi-NCR.

Realising 90% of all data would have a location component, a husband-wife duo set out to digitize India’s topography more than 15 years ago. From humble beginnings to a stellar IPO, MapMyIndia’s story has been inspiring.

In the AI era, designers are taking on even larger responsibility.It’s high time design stepped into the new era and a new framework that’s wider, more equitable, and pluralistic compared to what we’ve witnessed before.

If you’re trying to build something successful and long-lasting, it’s about anticipating challenges.

Google is building radars and they’re not those big bulky things that you see on TV. Instead, these look more like tiny devices that can fit inside your smartphone.

A new result shows that quantum information can theoretically be protected from errors just as well as classical information can.

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