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D&T Issue 90

The Highs (Swiggy) and the Lows (Paytm) & How Imagination Works

Hi there! Happy Republic Day to all our readers out in India!

In an interesting turn of events, Swiggy raises $700 million at $10.7 (Decacorn!) billion valuation as rival Zomato sees intense selloff.

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The payment major’s underwhelming performance on the stock market is deterring other Indian internet companies from pursuing public listings.

Tumblr’s very status as a relic of the Internet—easily forgotten, unobtrusively designed, more or less unchanged from a decade ago—is making it appealing to prodigal users as well as new ones.

Recognising that waste is central, not peripheral, to everything we design, make and do is key to transforming the future.

The ability to visualise is a privilege, sheerly due to the technological marvel that your brain and its functioning are.

The powerful effects of artificial intelligence are already being felt in business, politics, medicine, war, and almost every other domain of twenty-first century life. For all of its positive potential, the technology presents significant risks that are best addressed sooner rather than later.

Artificial intelligence is being taught to fly warplanes. Can the technology be trusted?

Carbon-removal technology is still in its nascent stages, but it could be crucial to avoiding the worst effects of climate change. An inventor of the carbon-scrubbing tech explains

Building up U.S. chip production has been a focus of lawmakers and companies alike amid a global shortage of the crucial components.

Project Iris, that it hopes to ship in 2024, could see Google go up against Meta and Apple in the coming headset wars.

The current suite of icons has been in use since the last redesign in 2016 but with the evolution of Spotify’s visual language, there was a need to have a re-look at the icons.

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