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D&T Issue 92

The Creator Economy’s Faultline and Effective Wireframing

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It seemed nearly overdue that a podcast host the likes of Joe Rogan hadn’t been caught in some hot, well that day has come and its been quite incendiary – here’s a full breakdown on the matter.

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Wireframes are a great way to play out user’s interactions with interfaces without the distractions of colors, images, and typefaces. Canvs Editorial discusses the importance of wireframing and why its a powerful tool to have in a designer’s arsenal.

Uses include lightweight, durable coating for car parts or cell phones, or as a building material for bridges and other structures.

The process to build the Stilride scooter involves robots folding sheets of steel instead of cutting them.

The streaming revolution has been built upon audience choice and control, replacing linear with on-demand and in turn opening whole new consumption paradigms. No user behaviour better encapsulates this shift than binge watching, which is done by 60% of video subscribers. But there is an inherent tension with giving the audience so much control: content is consumed much more quickly.

Scholars have spent a century trying to decipher ancient Indus script. Machine learning may finally help make sense of it all.

While Europeans understand that digital technologies will continue to play a growing role in their lives – for better or worse – many seem not to realize that they are entitled to the same rights online as offline. But that could soon change.

For seven decades, she gave voice to the nation’s burgeoning film industry — and fought for better pay for the singers who powered it.

The $75 billion bid to buy Activision Blizzard is the culmination of years of building by Phil Spencer, the company’s gaming chief.

A look at Amazon’s subscription flow and how to make it more ethical.

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