D&T Issue 93

Spying Video Games and AI in Chip Design

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If there’s one thing humans are, it’s rigorous and determined. A recent story of that determination of a woman who is potentially cured of HIV (apart from 2 other potential cases). Science seems to have a knack for keeping us on the winning side.

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The end of Moore’s Law is looming. Engineers and designers can do only so much to miniaturize transistors and pack as many of them as possible into chips. So they’re turning to other approaches to chip design, incorporating technologies like AI into the process.

From smart beds to catering robots, here are five technologies China is deploying at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Players generate a wealth of revealing psychological data—and some companies are soaking it up. All over the world, video games, one of the most widely adopted digital media forms, are installing networks of surveillance and control.

Linguistic games and research are revealing a hidden connection between what words look and sound like, and what they mean.

Creating voice user interfaces requires a lot of design expertise in various areas such as conversation design, interaction design, visual and motion design. This article covers the most critical aspects of designing for voice user interfaces — designing the conversation and designing visual interfaces.

How the popular social media app affects our brain, our behavior, and our mental health.

Facebook Marketplace is the world’s second-largest marketplace, in terms of monthly active users, behind only Amazon. It’s ahead of Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, Taobao, and has quietly left the once-unconquerable Craigslist in the dust.

BIG’s multi-storey film studio will become the “first purpose-built production soundstage” in the city and “the world’s first vertical film studio” when it completes in 2023.

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