DT 94

D&T Issue 94

Forensic Interviewing and a Cloud Based Ruling System

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If you’ve been playing Wordle of late, then since its takeover by NYT you may have noticed that it’s getting much harder to solve. Additionally, that’s not the NYT’s fault.

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Who hacked The DAO in 2016, diverting 3.6 million ether? We identify the apparent hacker — he denies it — by following a complicated trail of crypto transactions and using a previously undisclosed privacy-cracking forensics tool.

Sweeping rules will cover algorithms that set prices, control search results, recommend videos, and filter content.

Capital is everywhere, yet capitalism is on the wane. In an era when the owners of a new form of “command capital” have gained exorbitant power over everyone, including traditional capitalists, this is no contradiction.

Amazon has spent almost three decades perfecting the art of bringing everything imaginable to your doorstep in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible price. Despite Amazon’s unquestioned dominance in e-commerce, one giant market has proven particularly vexing: groceries.

Everything there is to know about Chitra Ramkrishna, the former CEO and MD of the stock exchange behemoth NSE, and her tryst with a “Himalayan Yogi”.

Could our understanding of the deep ocean help unlock the mysteries of outer space? Nasa’s space mission is leading us to unexplored depths of our own planet.

If you want to build good relationships, hire the right people, and solve problems, you’ll need to improve your listening skills.

Some apps in the virtual-reality metaverse are “dangerous by design”, the NSPCC has warned in response to a BBC News investigation.

Far more potent than oil or gold, water is a stream of geopolitical force that runs deep, feeding crops and building nations.

Web3 may not be going all that great.

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