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Calm Design & AI with Common Sense

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A rather inspiring story from the otherwise violent backdrop – how a Ukrainian tech company has been keeping work going from bunkers and battlefields.

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Calm Technology originated in 1995 and is rooted in the idea that computing systems should “simplify complexities, not introduce new ones. Canvs Editorial discusses this 25-year philosophy and how some popular companies are using it in their products.

The agreement may provoke a global data storage melee and in the long run, the forecast looks bleaker. The deal would establish precedents likely to harm technology companies and their users.

Neuro-symbolic systems bring together the best of different branches of computer science and can help address some of the key problems of current AI systems.

Ed-tech firm Unacademy has shut down Mastree a year after acquiring a majority stake in the startup for $5 million.

Microsoft bought this man’s start-up (Wunderlist) for over $100 million. Then he got ‘really unhappy’

The legendary design firm that made Target a star is introducing a new line of products for CVS.

In a new book, Maria Brito looks at how designers and innovators throughout history have unlocked their creativity and changed the world.

CEO Matt Mullenweg on why he bets big on small companies.

The only people who absolutely disagree are, well, scientists. They need to get over themselves and join the fun.

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