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D&T Issue 100

D&T Weekly – Our 100th Issue

Hi there!
It’s issue #100 of D&T Weekly and just like a year ago (Issue #52) we still seem to find ourselves at a loss as to how well our reader base keeps growing – both in number and in quality of readers. Having kept this running for nearly two years now, we hope that this little pocket of weekly thoughts and ideas has brought as much value to you as it has to us.

Thank you for staying engaged with us – Expect some new fun stuff from this newsletter and some other exciting news from the Canvs team at large!

Now back to our regular programming.

It’s been 2 long years since the global Pandemic hit. We’re a little bit older, and potentially a little bit wiser about the facts as well – or are we?

We’ve got some good reads for you so let’s jump right in.

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Today the ecosystem of home-brewed tools and services is being led by small product design teams who are making innovative apps and pushing the boundaries by thinking differently. Canvs Editorial looks at a few interesting picks and how they’re disrupting the product ecosystem.

As the first cases involving NFTs hit the dockets, courts will decide questions around ownership, art, and commerce.

The Tesla founder’s decision suggests that he wants to bring the social media platform to heel.

Olfactory branding now goes well beyond physical environments or selling your own perfume. Scent branding is starting to infiltrate wearables, the metaverse, and VR platforms among many other arenas.

A cosmic fluke helped Hubble spy Earendel, a giant star at the edge of the known universe that could tell us more about what happened after the Big Bang.

The Human Genome Project finished sequencing 92 percent of the human genome back in 2003, but the techniques available at the time left the remaining 8 percent out of reach until recent years.

The untold story of how the Paper app came to be 10 years ago and how it changed its creator’s view of design.

The exoplanet, referred to as K2-2016-BLG-0005Lb, orbits its star at a similar distance from its star as Jupiter is from the Sun.

An alternative view, called “human-centered AI,” aims to reduce fears of existential threats and increase benefits for users and society by putting humans at the center of AI efforts.

The Indian antitrust watchdog ordered a wide-ranging investigation into the conduct of food delivery firms Zomato and Swiggy on Monday over whether they are operating as “neutral” following a complaint from the National Restaurant Association of India, a body that represents over 500,000 restaurants in the country.

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