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Puzzling markets and a puzzling quantum scenario

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We like to disturb the peace with our newsletter every now and then, so here it is: We might be seeing a second dot com crash-like event. If there’s anyone to listen to right now, Michael Burry may be that guy.

Additionally, this letter from Y Combinator has a chilling yet somberly realistic view on the coming time.

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The CEO blamed the economy for what is set to be the tech company’s worst day ever.

Building around the so-called typical user is a dangerous mistake.

Everyone is responsible for quality. But sometimes there is a need for specific focus on quality. A look at how a new team at Shopify is handling this.

By resolving a paradox about light in a box, researchers hope to clarify the concept of energy in quantum theory.

A bacterium found on a remote Pacific island first became the obsession of a Punjabi microbiologist. It then became a wonder drug that gave hope to millions around the world.

Gordon Tam, cofounder and CEO of vertical farming company Farm66, wants to show that agriculture—combined with technology—has a promising future in cities, deserts and even in outer space.

It doesn’t even work yet, but nuclear fusion has encountered a shortage of tritium, the key fuel source for the most prominent experimental reactors.

Evolution made insect ears many times over, resulting in a dazzling variety of forms found in spots all over the body. Biologists are digging deep into some of those ears to figure out how and why they came to be.

Six Indian women describe how rideshare apps have transformed their lives.

Physical aspects of a hospital’s interior space can have a big positive impact on patients’ mental and physical health.

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