D&T Issue 109

Bionic Reading and A Startling Cancer Trial

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Good news like this usually doesn’t show up – but here it is – a recent drug trial seem to have a 100% hit rate with eradicating cancer. It feels almost too good to be true.

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Notifications are begging for attention from product designers. They have slowly transformed from an afterthought to a carefully thought-out utility. Canvs Editorial discusses why designers need to up their notifications game.

Two new books examine how social media traps users in a brutal race to the bottom.

What do glasses, furniture, and a hotel company have in common? They’re all somehow tech startups.

‘Bionic Reading’ is a new typographical trick that can help people with attention deficiencies and people at large in reading more effectively and with greater focus. Check it out for yourselves, it’s quite something.

When consumers do attempt to make a booking on their mobile, 91% will abandon their cart (the eCommerce average is between 65-75%). When asked why, consumers cited the main reason as ‘a bad customer experience’.

The crux of the Volvo / Epic partnership will be the “human-machine interface” (HMI), which, in the context of vehicle ownership, is another way to describe the way car owners interact with their vehicle’s software.

Adobe’s most recent research paper, published in ACM’s Transactions on Computer Human Interaction (TOCHI), explores how font selection affects the reading performance of a general population of adult readers.

InDriver’s unique haggling feature has seen it expand from its roots in Yakutia to markets around the world.

European lawmakers have mandated that mobile devices (looking at you, Apple) must charge using the same standard connector cable.

Axon is hitting pause on its sudden plans to equip drones with Tasers, which infuriated members of the company’s one-of-a-kind panel of advisers.

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