D&T Issue 110

Opinionated Algorithms and Lego Processors

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When you’re a company as gargantuan as Apple, what would seem like a small feature add on to it can mean a drastic and sudden end for entire businesses – Check out how apple potentially did this to 15+ companies in nearly under an hour.

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EaseMyTrip, the 2nd largest online travel portal in India, made INR 100 Cr in profits in FY22 and has managed to stay profitable for 13 years. Even during the pandemic!

Machines are reshaping how speech is regulated and defined, and they’re determining who has a voice in the public sphere.

A guided tour looking at how to maximize new feature releases with 5 key principles.

On June 8, the RBI announced that credit cards can soon be linked to UPI too! That means, your credit card can rest in a safe drawer at home along with your debit card.

Quantum chip takes microseconds to do a task a supercomputer would spend 9,000 years on.

Seemingly outmoded technologies sometimes hold the key to better user experiences.

Traditional hurdles stand in the way of ambitious plans to use imagery to help feed people, reduce poverty, and protect the planet.

Mail-order tests promise an estimate of how well you’re ageing but the results can be just one more thing to worry about.

Chainalysis regulates crypto transactions and works with organizations—including the government—to prevent fraud. So why do people hate it so much?

This modular architecture allows for sensors and processors to be added on or swapped out.

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