D&T Issue 112

Bizarre Military Tech and From Canvas to NFT

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If you’ve been trying to use Dall-E and haven’t received your access yet, here’s a minified “meme machine” version of the mind boggling experience that is generating images through text.

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Linguistics helps explain why humans fall into the cognitive trap of thinking that an entity that can use language fluently is sentient, conscious, or intelligent.

India has almost 800 different languages. Here’s how artificial intelligence is trying to bridge the communication gap.

YaLM 100B contains 100 billion parameters, more than any GPT-like model available in open-source under a licence that allows commercial use.

In an age of despair and division, a boy band from South Korea remixed the rules of pop and created a fandom bigger than Beatlemania.

With his YouTube channel, Purvi Blues, Sachin Neupane’s hopes to help Nepalis connect with their history and culture.

Picasso was a joke. Then he was a god. How did his art finally take off in America?

An Israeli startup called Camero-Tech claims to have built a radar-based device that lets soldiers “see through walls,” Insider reported.

Fast-growing market for electric vehicles draws more big players.

India has built a unique digital infrastructure. What is needed now is the grammar that gives firm meaning to India’s Digital Way.

From acoustic tweezers to holograms, engineers are taking inspiration from the field of optics—and riding the sound wave.

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