D&T Issue 114

A New View of the Universe and Universal UI

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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has delivered the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe so far. Webb’s First Deep Field is galaxy cluster SMACS 0723, and it is teeming with thousands of galaxies – including the faintest objects ever observed in the infrared. Very rarely do we find ourselves looking at overselves in this scale, a landmark in human perception.

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Product makers are focussing on creating a custom experience for its users with interfaces customized as per user requirements. Canvs Editorial looks into the customization efforts in the industry.

A new wave of Indian start-ups are thinking up innovative ways to deal with the climate crisis. Their tools are artificial intelligence and a whole lot of resolve.

A government crackdown and economic downturn have led to massive layoffs, but some are relieved to exit the grueling ‘996’ work life.

Expanding people’s access to finance, reducing the cost of digital transactions, and channeling wage payments and social transfers through financial accounts will be vital to mitigating recent economic setbacks in developing countries. Governments and the private sector can help further this transformation in several ways.

A fake version of the IPL cricket league was allegedly set up in Gujarat, India, in an elaborate scheme to fool Russian gamblers, according to Ashish Chauhan of the Times of India and the BBC.

Apple and Google have been fighting for map dominance for nearly a decade, but which is actually better?

Together, the top 10% of emitters generate more than four times as much carbon as the global average.

Initially piloted in three D.C. Metro stations, Waymap—which uses sensors in a smartphone to know exactly where a person is and how they’re moving—will be available across the city’s transit system by spring 2023.

A cryptic utterance from a supposed spambot never lost its relevance.

Nonprofit donors had their information given to law enforcement without consent, highlighting limited data protections in the world’s largest democracy.

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