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D&T Issue 115

Browserstack’s incredible story and the world’s most powerful banker

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‘Big Tech’ companies might find themselves in some new trouble in India. Taking lessons from Australia, the Indian government now has plans to make Big Tech companies pay for news that is featured on their platforms to the respective publications.

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Every failed startup attempt brings with it a trove of lessons that serve as a foundation for your next attempt. So, when you go at it again, you no longer start from ZERO but level up to ONE!

After seven years in development, the Overture airliner—which is expected to go from Seattle to Tokyo in less than 5 hours—is one step closer to reality.

Setting a course for better image-generation tools.

These odd values were long dismissed as bookkeeping. Now physicists are proving that they describe the hidden shape of nature.

Fast radio bursts are exactly what their name implies: a sudden surge of photons at radio frequencies that often lasts for less than a second.

Research finds Atlantic plankton all but wiped out in catastrophic loss of life.

He has helmed JPMorgan Chase for 16 years and is the only major bank chief to have survived the 2008 financial crisis. Now he is warning people to brace themselves for what may come.

Sponsoring a football club is about more than just advertising, it’s a status symbol.

Three years after promising to work “long into the future” with the man behind its candy-colored computers, Apple and Mr. Ive are through.

What do a Real Housewife, an Olympic athlete, and a doula have in common? They’re all being paid by an ad-tech startup as influencers—peddling not products but ideologies.

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