D&T Issue 120

Fevicol’s Monopoly and Robots That Think For Themselves

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Social media’s arbitrary power should worry individuals and societies alike; From Brazil’s Bolsonaro to Latin America’s struggling freelancers, the power of social media companies is affecting everyone in the region and across the globe alike.

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Managing documents from different teams, documenting notes and decisions and saving inspiration from hundreds of different sources are skills that are becoming significantly important to master. Designers are making their systems to manage the plethora of information and, hopefully, stay on top of everything that comes their way. While the examples used in this text will be from a designer’s perspective, the methods and tools discussed are still highly useful for anyone who wants to organise their digital lives.

Faced with frequent government-led blackouts, content creators in India-administered Kashmir keep posting.

From FY12-21, coffee exports have fallen by 3% yearly, because of some serious farmer issues.

The solutions to Einstein’s equations that describe a spinning black hole won’t blow up, even when poked or prodded.

No matter how realistic you make the avatars, the Big Bang for the metaverse needs an experience that technology won’t deliver for a while.

How social media, FaceTune, and plastic surgery created a single,uniform and cyborgian look. Truly quite eerie for a viewer outside this decade.

This onboarding case study shows you how to increase your signup email confirmation rates by 7% in just 5 minutes by using the Sniper Link technique.

Move to make devices more quickly in India would help lessen dependence on China.

Ethereum watchers now fret that, when the blockchain upgrades next month, there’s more danger that some of its operators will start censoring transactions based on the rules made by nation-states.

To.org started out in investment but has moved into radical design with projects including a 3D-printed toilet. In this interview, co-founder Nachson Mimran tells Dezeen how “creative activism” can unlock social and economic growth.

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