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Dynamic Island, War, Peace and Semiconductors

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Remember Fyre Festival? Well Billy McFarland is out of jail and ready for his next move five years after the horrid event. Apparently, the convicted fraudster is convinced this will be quite a comeback.

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Mabel Chacko’s neo-banking platform Open is backed by Google and Tiger Global, and has helped over 2.3 million small businesses in India.

Starting from September 28th this year, Google will let a few real money gaming apps (Including fantasy sports and online rummy apps) list on Play Store. The question is why this change now?

Clevertap was born, in 2013. Since then, Clevertap had grown at a CAGR of 235% YoY. Can it tighten user churn for its customers?

Maintaining the flow of oil is still crucial for the world economy. But now the supply of semiconductors is also critical for commerce, and war and peace.

Error messages need to be easy to spot, but they also need to be helpful. A look at how error messages should be handled and some quick tips.

“The so-called Dynamic Island is both a masterstroke of ingenuity and shameless salesmanship, a glorious piece of useless user interface design.”

AI tools like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are helping architects—and their clients—design new buildings.

Current rates of warming will put the Earth at risk of crossing six “dangerous” climate tipping points, according to a new analysis.

Real nonprofit leaders talk about expectations and outcomes from their rebranding projects.

Before Google tried—and failed—to create a ‘smart city’ in Toronto, it considered building one at sea or under a giant dome. Or what about on the moon?

Turns out the obsolete floppy is way more in demand than you’d think

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