D&T Issue 125

Hunger & the Size of Infinity

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Forget ‘Armageddon,’ this test will reveal how well NASA can deflect an asteroid heading for Earth.

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Mental mobility, or cognitive flexibility, refers to the ability to disengage from one task and move to another or to think about and process multiple concepts simultaneously. Canvs Editorial discusses the need of mental mobility for designers.

Is there a need for designers to up their skills and knowledge in the new industrial revolution? Yes, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Power cuts. Fuel queues. Popular uprising. A historic and crisis-ridden year in Sri Lanka is drawing to a close. For many, the battles are just beginning.

Despite the platform’s years-long efforts to woo small retailers and traders, many still suspect Amazon of unfair practices.

Signal rose to popularity when Whatsapp messed up last year on privacy concerns. A look at how the donate flow can be redesigned to boost revenues by the folks at Growth Design.

AMUL is the long standing FMCG giant in India which made Rs 61,000 Cr ($7.6B) revenue in FY22! But, how did this company achieve this feat by only spending 1% of its sales on advertising.

A seismic shift in how we consume Bollywood films is underway, one that many will have experienced toward the end of this decade.

The streaming giant is in the midst of a transformation to make itself both leaner and more reliant on ad dollars when it eventually rolls out ad-supported options.

Of all the endless questions children and mathematicians have asked about infinity, one of the most fascinating has to do with its size.

One of the first steps to solving a problem — data science or otherwise — is determining the right metrics to gauge success. Choose wisely.

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