D&T Issue 127

Coding in a Warzone & Floating Farms

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Success! NASA says DART really clocked that asteroid. Two weeks after the spacecraft collided with Dimorphos, researchers determined that it knocked the space rock 32 minutes off its old orbit.

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A cold email to Amit Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Yulu, led to a series of meetings in Detroit before Magna came on board as an investor.

The tool, which lets you conjoin two separate fonts, shows the ways in which technology can diversify and expand the type design library.

Science visuals developers at the Space Telescope Science Institute translate the data captured by the James Webb Space Telescope into art.

In early September, the 19-year-old American upstart Hans Niemann crushed world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, prompting the latter to level accusations of computer-assisted cheating. In the absence of any hard evidence to resolve the matter, the two should settle it on the chess board.

Displacement, attacks, and air raid alerts are daily life for Ukraine’s disrupted tech workforce.

An explainer on why Bernanke, Diamond and Dybvig won the Nobel Prize in Economics.

It’s imperative that we guarantee users freedom of movement across a diverse variety of worlds with a persistent digital identity.

Credit Karma has a tough job of teaching people about credit scores. Here’s what they do right, and what they do wrong.

In Mexico City, a 700-year-old Aztec farming technique is giving a sustainable edge to modern agriculture.

Zero-knowledge proofs allow researchers to prove their knowledge without divulging the knowledge itself.

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