D&T Issue 131

Memory-Safe Code and Open Open AI

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It’s tiring news, but newsworthy nonetheless – here’s the entire twitter saga in short, in case you have been squished under a rock.

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Digiqt Technolabs publishes their findings from a rather thorough and useful research piece on the Insurance industry in India from the past year.

Behavioral design combines design, technology and psychology (behavioral science) and applies it to the design process.

Google’s ads platform is flawed, inconsistent and a demonstration that operating at a large scale can create inefficiencies.

If AR is extending, adding, or changing reality, we can find a lot of examples that eventually will lead us to AR invention.

WeChat users are handwriting apologies to get their banned accounts back. The Tencent app is so essential to life in China that banned users will go to great lengths to be reinstated.

Rust is what’s known as a “memory-safe” language because it’s designed to make it impossible for a program to pull unintended data from a computer’s memory accidentally.

To get a sense of how physicists might solve the “naturalness problem,” I contacted one who calls himself “a deviant by default.”

The new draft bill is a missed opportunity to reform archaic surveillance laws, and seems like an attempt towards greater internet control.

The man who gave us the World Wide Web talks about Solid, his ambitious plan to give us all a private place to store—and selectively share—our online data.

A growing catalog of huge but dim galaxies such as Dragonfly 44 is forcing astronomers to invent new theories of galactic evolution.

Reflecting on his journey towards creative independence, Matthew Miller tells us about the influence of Studio Ghibli films and how he’s unwilling to compromise on what he stands for.

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