D&T Issue 132

The Dark Web’s Biggest Kingpin & Pondering over Blackholes

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It’s issue #131 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

The Ambaniverse – a term that concerns as much as it amuses the Canvs team. From food to gadgets to sports, explore how the business empire of one of the world’s richest men touches the everyday lives of millions in India.

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While the power that drives artificial intelligence is the availability of large tranches of data and explosive computing ability, what will really enable businesses and individuals to make sense of Artificial Intelligence and its applications, is the deployment of AI capabilities where they really matter.

Large language and image AI models sometimes called generative AI or foundation models, have created a new set of opportunities for businesses and professionals that perform content creation.

New filings also confirm FTX Exchange’s new leadership is in touch with regulators and dealing with Friday’s hack.

Justin Shriram Keeling on why the time was right for India’s first gaming and interactive media VC.

Indian cryptocurrency investors are losing faith in the digital assets as the cascading effect of the FTX bankruptcy continues to bring in a daily barrage of negative news.

The Universe cannot always be understood through observation. Instead, physicists explore by devising thought experiments.

The team uses a secret technique to locate AlphaBay’s server. But just as the operation heats up, the agents have an unexpected run-in with their target.

Twitter support is currently looking into it.

And other questions asked in ‘Algorithmic Reality,’ a new graphic novel by WeTransfer’s cofounder, Damian Bradfield.

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