D&T Issue 142

The End of Easy Money and ChatGPT Sweatshops

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It’s issue #142 of DNT Weekly and the week has been quite eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading.

Rock-bottom rates were the secret engine fueling the world of the $1 billion start-up, and virtual attempts to conquer the physical world. But in 2023, reality bites. – here’s a look into the pitfalls of easy money, and why it will hit us so hard.

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Getty Images claims Stability AI ‘unlawfully’ scraped millions of images from its site. It’s a significant escalation in the developing legal battles between generative AI firms and content creators.

In its quest to make ChatGPT less toxic, OpenAI used outsourced Kenyan laborers earning less than $2 per hour, a TIME investigation has found.

YouTubers are replacing Amazon and Flipkart to help small businesses in Chandni Chowk find customers.

With a simple, ingenious formula, a Japanese novel has inspired some of the most successful games in history.

On its 40th anniversary, we look back at the machine that brought the GUI to personal computers.

How can a company that was once laughed at for its lack of taste, create something this beautiful?

The unprecedented experiment explores the possibility that space-time somehow emerges from quantum information, even as the work’s interpretation remains disputed.

Until now, Greenland ice cores hadn’t shown a clear signal of global warming, but data also hadn’t been updated since 1995.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods wanted to upend the world’s $1 trillion meat industry. But plant-based meat is turning out to be a flop.

London design studio Special Projects has worked with clinical psychologists to develop SlowMo, a mental health app for people experiencing psychosis that will be trialled by the UK’s National Health Service.

After the largest corporate layoffs in its history, the tech giant is at a crossroads.

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