D&T Issue 145

Physics Defying UX & Romance Novel Design

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It’s issue #145 of DNT Weekly and this week, we want to open by thanking all the people who are, in one way or the other, helping or contributing to the rescue efforts in Turkey.

After a series of earthquakes struck Turkey last week, the country is in a state of turmoil. Our hearts go out to all those affected. Here is a link with verified list of organizations carrying out rescue and aid in the country.

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That ChatGPT can automatically generate something that reads even superficially like human-written text is remarkable, and unexpected. But how does it do it? And why does it work?

The former Google CEO is on a mission to rewire the US military with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to take on China. Will it make the world safer?

A group of software developers at a fintech startup – Velocity, have developed the country’s first ChatGPT-powered WhatsApp bot.

Flipkart was Walmart’s biggest acquisition. Will it be able to stay India’s e-commerce leader?

BharatPe is a $2.85B company that has raised $680M in just 4 years.

What video game mechanics can teach us about ideal experiences.

Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Spotify, Yahoo, Twitter, and Zoom have all handed the pink slips to 5–20% of their workforce.

Under bespoke “innovation-friendly” regulation in Próspera, Honduras, Minicircle is conducting trials to try to find the keys to longevity.

With their expressive type and bawdy illustrations, romance novels turned book covers into potent advertisements.

Inc42 and Shiprocket recently unveiled the FAST42 list of India’s fastest-growing 42 D2C brands.

Over the past decade, China’s games industry has seen explosive growth, overtaken the U.S. in market size and given rise to global publishing giants like Tencent and NetEase.

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