D&T Issue 148

Fusion, Design & All Things AI

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It’s issue #148 of DNT Weekly and we would like to open by wishing all the amazing women out there, a Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s get into what we’ve been been reading this week.

Three years after it was first announced, the Centre is set to launch the National Quantum Mission – one of the few deep technology scientific missions to be taken up by India. This mission will put India into the big league of new technology. There is, however, a considerable catching up to do.

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At Canvs, over the past two years we have been figuring out what makes up the core DNA of our working style — and as we come to a resolution on this two things come to the surface – Long-form narrative building (Tell) around design and Hyper-deep dive prototyping (Show)

The rise of AI-generated art makes design practitioners wonder if AI will replace designers. The article looks into the current state of design, answer common questions designers have about AI tools, and share practical tips on how designers can make the most of using AI tools.

The integration of AI into the development process is one of the most exciting advancements. A look at how AI tools like ChatGPT is impacting the programming field, specifically frontend engineering and the future of frontend development.

It isn’t theoretical. Millions of people are already using apps like ChatGPT to write books, create art, and develop code.

A brand refresh for one of the world’s biggest streaming services welcomes fans of all kinds to a universe of entertainment.

Building a design system that works is a challenge at any scale. A deep dive into the setup of a multi-platform design system at Booking.com, and how it’s maintained through a rigorous development process.

Let’s indulge: Once fusion arrives, handmade suns could wipe out all human problems in a go.

Exclusive conversations that take us behind the scenes of a cultural phenomenon.

High taxes and a tricky regulatory environment have resulted in Indian crypto exchanges losing investors in droves.

Reid Hoffman and his cofounders were seeking funding in an era when eBay was hot and Friendster was better known than ‘TheFacebook.’

As AI drum machines embrace humanising imperfections, what does this mean for ‘real’ drummers and the soul of music?

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