D&T Issue 149

Fusion, Design & All Things AI

Hi there!

It’s issue #149 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

On 7th March, Silicon Valley Bank tweeted, “Proud to be on @Forbes’ annual ranking of America’s Best Banks…” By 10th March, SVB’s stock price had tanked by 60% and the bank was taken over by an arm of the US government. What on earth happened?

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Canvs Editorial discusses how having a basic understanding of coding languages enables designers to communicate more effectively with developers, make informed design decisions, and create interactive experiences that match their vision.

The world’s most popular music streamer is putting more focus on video and previews. But it’s not clear that’s what listeners want.

The project is being overseen by Instagram head Adam Mosseri and is widely perceived as Meta’s attempt to build a Twitter alternative or Mastodon competitor.

GPT-4 will give ChatGPT all kinds of new features, but the biggest highlight is the rumoured multimodal capabilities, which could allow the chatbot AI to handle text, images and eventually even video inputs.

Reduced investment and large-scale layoffs have created dark times for tech globally.

Once upon a time, leisure was a sign of prestige. Today that idea has been turned on its head, and busyness is the new status symbol.

Physical energy storage could be a cheap and long-lasting way to stabilize the grid.

The experience – when music brings back memories of events, people and places from our past – is known as a music-evoked autobiographical memory. And it’s a common experience.

You can degrade the experience of successful consumer products for some period of time without seeing any corresponding drop in growth or retention rate. However, if you push things too far you’ll pass a critical threshold—a trust thermocline—where usage collapses.

“Let’s say you were riding a horse in the 1940s when you saw a Ferrari driving past you-that’s the level of difference between previous experiments and this one,” says Dias.

Article claims it’s about Cook’s legacy, but there may be more at play.

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