D&T Issue 154

Cadbury’s Streisand Moment and the Infamous AI

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It’s issue #154 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

Hundreds of years after the first try, we can finally read a Ptolemy text – read all about it.

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A new generation of AI algorithms can feel like they’re reaching artificial general intelligence—but it’s not clear how to measure that.

History repeats itself, and the explanation of why design trends drive the industry is something that we’ve had in the creative minds for centuries.

Elon Musk, in a recent interview, claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to cause “civilization destruction.”

Former Google researcher Margaret Mitchell took to Twitter to point out, with evidence, that Bard did not learn Bengali on its own.

A look at why Cadbury is in the news for all the wrong reasons and whether its iconic Bournvita is a sugar trap.

Dominos (and Pizza Hut) use dark patterns, UX tricks and design psychology to overcharge customers.

The European Space Agency is about to send a spacecraft to explore Jupiter and three of its largest and most intriguing moons.

Developing the first electric illumination took teamwork – and some light industrial espionage.

ASICs were meant to mine “without compromising the supply of new CPUs or GPUs.”

Teer, a century-old game in India, is now attracting gamblers from Bangladesh and Bhutan.

If you are looking for a house for rent in Bengaluru, make sure you have degrees from colleges like the IIT, IIM or ISB. This is because landlords are asking for them and before renting a house want to take a look at LinkedIn profiles of people seeking their house on rent.

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