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D&T Special Edition #13

3 Years and 8000+ readers later

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This is the thirteenth edition of D&T Special, and more importantly, the edition that marks three years of this newsletter! We’re extremely gratified in delivering these stories to our 8000+ readers, and we aim to keep going stronger! Today’s topic – Living the good life in the finer details of one’s craft. We hope you enjoy this read.

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✍️ From the Canvs Research & Editorial Desk

Although digital product design is a fairly young profession, it has already leapfrogged itself into a culture of ‘just-add-water’ creation.

Young designers are being brought up in a quick and easy world, where Dribbble and YouTube (besides others) have the plug-and-play solution to almost every problem. While these resources can make for great starting points, they don’t cater to finesse and they in particular do not create great designers. This is where craftsmanship enters the stage.

This week the Canvs R&E team has spent some time pondering this concept, let’s dive into some details.


Craftsmanship is defined as the quality of the design, shown in something by the skill, time, and attention to detail put in by the artist/designer. It’s fretting over the small details, to make sure that the larger problem is being solved perfectly, in a way that isn’t just skin-deep.

What contributes to a craft?

1. Finesse – with all it’s rigour

Finesse in craft comes from a change in approach, and attitude. From double-checking every detail to twice-magnified problem-solving. And honing your craft takes discipline and rigorous practice.This artistry of design has built cars on the ground, planes in the sky, and rockets in space.

However, in the contemporary context of design, whether it’s for faster turnaround times or a collective newfound lack of patience, the small details aren’t being valued nearly as much as they should be. We’re so focused on efficiency, we lose out on resilience and finish.

2. Artistry – with all it’s exploration

Designers should not be afraid to embrace the role of craftsmen and artisans in their own right. When faced with a problem, it can be helpful to return to the craft of your own creative practice.

Product design is inherently generative and can thus be compared to other creative practices that are specific to a particular medium across domains.

As noted by Nimkulrat, N. (2010), in ‘Material inspiration: From practice-led research to craft art education’:Craft is understood not only as a way of making things by hand, but also as a way of thinking through the hand manipulating a material.”

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