D&T Issue 158

Designers Replacing the Real World & the Real Material You

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It’s issue #158 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

Now that AI is all the rage across the tech world, it has also gotten the attention of the lawmakers. Here’s what happened during OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s first hearing on artificial intelligence.

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Canvs Editorial discusses on designing experiences with context to game design and why designers should focus on creating experiences that complement, rather than replace, the real world.

A short film series exploring how Google is imagining an adaptive, personal, and expressive future for design.

In the past month, developers of three major video games have announced special modes designed to help people with specific phobias play their games.

This year’s Google I/O managed to combine its clear AI capabilities and the products in which to manifest them with the urgency and aggressiveness of a company feeling threatened for the first time in years.

Generative AI opens a new era of humanity, which will likely lead to profound changes in the way we work, learn and communicate.

Why a fintech startup that was once the poster child of the Buy Now Pay Later movement is in all sorts of trouble.

Silicon Valley insider Sam Altman has invested $375 million into Helion, the largest investment he personally has ever made. His other big bet is artificial intelligence company OpenAI, in which Mirosoft is a large investor.

The Human Immunome Project is one of the most ambitious projects in biology, and it could transform human health.

The AI pioneer is alarmed by how clever the technology he helped create has become. And it all started with a joke.

Mrs Bector’s completed an epic run-up in market cap last fortnight, eclipsing its IPO price as it entered Mother’s Day on a 3,000 Cr+ market cap.

“Whatever you want to make, there is a way to make it quickly in China.”

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