D&T Issue 159

Ultimate Figma Cheatsheet and Meta’s New AI Models

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It’s issue #159 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

Much to our relief, the term “Safe AI” seems to have entered the chat, and it seems to be drawing big money – read all about it here.

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Canvs Editorial compiled a handy list of shortcuts to supercharge you workflow on Figma. Check it out.

They could help lead to speech apps for many more languages than exist now.

Cities from Canggu to Medellín are welcoming tech workers, but locals complain they are being priced out.

With researchers reporting high rates of anxiety and depression, calls are growing to fundamentally change science before it’s too late.

14 out of 15 diamonds set in jewellery worldwide are cut and polished in India. But things have been slowing down of late.

People taking Ozempic for weight loss say they have also stopped drinking, smoking, shopping, and even nail biting.

The Apollo programme took humanity to the Moon but also changed the face of technology back here on Earth.

Researchers uncover striking parallels in the ways that humans and machine learning models acquire language skills.

Accessible game design is beneficial to EVERYONE, this includes individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities, game developers, and the average player.

Ticketmaster, who merged with Live Nation in 2010, control more than 70% of the ticketing market. In short; they’re a monopoly.

The studio explains how achieving the lo-fi look of 8-Bit with modern 4K film was a case of “fighting against technology trying to make everything beautiful”.

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