D&T Issue 172

Moon Mission Mania and Big Tech’s Fake Work Problem

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It’s issue #166 of DNT Weekly and as per usual the week has been eventful. Here’s what we’ve been reading of late.

Sam Altman is in the new again and this time it’s for nuclear energy. Artificial intelligence will demand a lot of energy if it scales up in the way Altman is predicting it will. Could also be the reason he is investing in this new company. Read about it here.

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The global labor force of outsourced and contract workers are early adopters of generative AI — and the most at risk.

Emergent capabilities are creating an emerging title: to wield them, we’ll have to go beyond the Prompt Engineer and write *software*.

Google invented a lot of core AI technology, and now the company’s turning to Demis to get back in front of the AI race for AI breakthroughs.

The essence of the word “interaction” implies a relationship between a human and an environment.

The design principles emerged after watching 100s of people struggle to use the things I designed. Every struggle failed at least one principle.

The latest Legend of Zelda title has both pleased and pissed off gamers when addressing certain user interface issues.

There are many stories of tech workers being paid by giant tech firms to do very little, with some having to basically fight to find work.

One more big test remains for Varda’s first-of-its-kind “space factory.”

There’s a surprisingly straightforward answer to how many numbers are needed to fill an infinite grid so that identical numbers never get too close together.

A look at how RBI’s new card network rule for banks may sway in favour of RuPay.

As anyone who has been paying attention to space exploration knows, the Moon is red-hot. Up to half a dozen missions may launch to the lunar surface in the next six months.

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