D&T started as a personal weekly communication from us to our clients who were interested in knowing stuff we typically chatted about, commentary in Design and Tech. 

D&T Issue 112

Bizarre Military Tech and From Canvas to NFT

Hi there! If you've been trying to use Dall-E and haven't received your access yet, here's a minified "meme machine" version of the mind boggling experience that is generating images through text. Note: If you are new here, we'd strongly recommend subscribing to the newsletter so you don't miss out …

D&T Issue 111

Green Steel and AI for Cricket

Hi there! Cricket is not a subject we bring up often (or at all) in this newsletter, but it has been changing for many reasons close to our fields of interest. One of those is artificial intelligence. From finding the sweet spot of the bat to transforming the viewer experience, the machines …

D&T Issue 110

Opinionated Algorithms and Lego Processors

Hi there! When you're a company as gargantuan as Apple, what would seem like a small feature add on to it can mean a drastic and sudden end for entire businesses – Check out how apple potentially did this to 15+ companies in nearly under an hour. Note: If you are new here, …